ShellShock Designs’ Exclusive Partnership with Koket

Another great feature for ShellShock Designs in the new Design Industry News magazine by Design Et Al. You can read the article below or view it on their website.

Koket are a designer of high end furniture based in Manassas. Noted for her dramatic & edgy design aesthetic, enticing personality and a strong love affair for life, Janet Morais is the driving force behind the seductive brand. When working on top of the line products designers depend on reliable suppliers who produce only the best quality materials.

Camilia_StyleSpotted Isaloni_Camilia

That is why Koket sources all of their Capiz Shell and Mother of Pearl from ShellShock Designs in a partnership that has been established for more than five years. ShellShock has stringent quality checks in place for every order and is totally committed to delivering the best products with the best customer service at the best price.

CamiliaDetail Camilia_StyleSpotted Camilia_HPMKT

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