Mother of Pearl Tiles

Material used: Freshwater Shell and Seashell Mother of Pearl


Backings Available: Ceramic, Acrylic, Aluminium Honeycomb, Fireproof Magnesium Board


Shell chip size Freshwater Shell: 10x10mm, 10x20mm, 12.5x12.5mm, 12.5x25mm, 15x15mm, 15x25mm, 15x30mm, 20x20mm and 25x25mm.


Seashell: 10x10mm, 10x20mm, 12.5x12.5mm, 15x15mm and 20x20mm


Tile Size: 300x300x12mm (Only for 25x25mm shell chip size) (305x305x12mm for any other shell chip size)


Usage: Walls and Floors


As our pearl shells are 100% a natural product, no two are exactly the same. Each piece is unique and so there will always be a slight variation in colour in every tile, making sure that each and every product is individual.
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Available Patterns
HORN01: Buffalo Bone Tile Brick Pattern
HORN02: Buffalo Bone Tile Square Pattern
HORN03: Buffalo Bone Tile White Square Pattern
HORN04: Buffalo Bone Tile Checkered Black and White Pattern
MOP001 - Mother of Pearl, Brick Style, White
MOP002 - Mother of Pearl, Brick Style, Natural
MOP003 - Mother of Pearl, Brick Style, Natural Dapple
MOP004 - Mother of Pearl, Irregular, Natural Dapple
MOP005 - Mother of Pearl, Irregular, White
MOP006 - Mother of Pearl, Irregular, Natural
MOP007 - River Shell Tile, Triangle Pattern, Natural
MOP011 - River Shell Tile, Brick Pattern, Natural
MOP012 - River Shell Tile, Herringbone Pattern, Natural
MOP021 - River Shell, Convex, Natural
MOP022 - River Shell Convex
MOP022-B: Black Lip Inter-Weave Convex
MOP023 - River Shell Convex
MOP024 - River Shell, Convex, Natural
MOP025 - River Shell Convex
MOP026 - Freshwater Mother of Pearl with Paua Shell
MOP031 - Dyed Convex Seamless
MOP032 - Dyed Convex with White Shell Seamless
MOP033 - White River Shell Convex Seamless