Capiz Shell Tiles and Decorative Panels

Standard Sheet Size: 300x300x1mm

As our shells are 100% a natural product, no two are exactly the same. Each piece is unique and so there will always be a slight variation in colour in every piece, making sure that each and every product is individual. View our installation manual.
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CP001 - Capiz Shell, White
CP002 - Capiz Shell, Golde
CP003 - Capiz Shell, Brick Pattern, White
CP004 - Capiz Shell, Brick Pattern, Golden
CP005, Capiz Shell Tile, Brick Pattern, Golden
CP006 - Capiz Shell, Mixed
CP007, Capiz Shell Tile, Golden
CP008 - Capiz Shell
CP009, Capiz Shell Convex
CP101 - Capiz Shell, Convex
CP102 - White Capiz Shell, Convex
CP103 - Capiz Shell Convex
CP104 - Capiz Shell, Convex
CP105 - Capiz Shell, Convex
CP106 - Capiz Shell, Convex
CP107, Capiz Shell Convex
CP108 - Capiz Shell, Convex
CP109 - Capiz Shell, Convex
CP201 - Capiz Shell inlaid lacquered resin panels - Brick Pattern
CP301, Capiz Shell, Cutout Pattern
CP302, Capiz Shell, Cutout Pattern
CP303, Capiz Shell, Cutout Pattern
CP401 Capiz shell herringbone pattern
CST001 - Tiffany Weave Capiz Shell